General terms and conditions (AGB)

The participation in the events offered by the Campus Geisenheim GmbH does in the preliminary demand for an official approval of the general terms and conditions. These are confirmed in written form by the participants.

The registration for the participation in the events of the Campus Geisenheim GmbH may be effected up to four weeks before the official date, as far as no other modality has been indicated. This registration must be effected in written form via the respective registration form or via email. With this registration the participant is confirming the present general terms and conditions. After receipt of their registration each participant obtains an acknowledgement of receipt of their firm registration. The Campus Geisenheim GmbH will offer a firm acknowledgement directly after the respective deadline. In case of some complimentary available seats a registration after this deadline is still possible after consulting the Campus Geisenheim GmbH.

Group of customers
Upon registration each customer is obligated to select his correct group of customers as the respective prices do depend on each customers affiliation. An incorrect indication of the same is leading to a notification

Resignation and denouncement
The participants may cancel their registration up to four weeks before beginning of the event - representative for this cancellation is the incoming date of their registration beforehand. This cancellation must be done in written form. Already paid participation fees will be refunded in this case. Upon cancellation effected later than these four weeks from beginning of event, a fee of 20 % will be charged for this loss. Participants effecting their cancellation later than two weeks before beginning of the event will be charged by 50% of the total amount. Upon cancellation on or after the valid date of event, the complete fee will be charged. An appropriate substitute may be presented in this case. In case the services offered are not called up this does not allow for any shortage of the participation fee.

Cancellation of conferences
The Campus Geisenheim GmbH is entitled to cancel conferences in case of too low participations. In this case the Campus Geisenheim GmbH is obliged to reimburse the already paid conference fees. However, the participant does not have the right of any further claims.

Change of course instructors
The Campus Geisenheim GmbH does accept with reservation the change of course instructors as well as deviances in the run of the course. This does neither allow any participant to withdraw from the registration nor to lower the participation fee.
The Campus Geisenheim GmbH is not liable for any damage suffered by the participant in the run of the congress. They are only liable for damage suffered by intended behavior of the staff acting around.

Side agreements
The validity of changes in contract and side agreements do demand for a written form.

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