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Campus Geisenheim GmbH
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65366 Geisenheim

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Geisenheim situated in Rhein-Main-area
The city of Geisenheim is situated in a distance of approximately 20 km to Wiesbaden, directly in neighbourhood to the famous wine village of Rüdesheim.

The nearest airports are the international airport of Frankfurt as well as the airport Frankfurt-Hahn situated in the Hunsrück. There are big railway stations in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz. There is a direct train connection
by a regional train taking you from Wiesbaden main station directly to Geisenheim station.

By car you reach us taking the right side of the Rhine via Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt on the A 66 - direction Wiesbaden/Rüdesheim. Just when leaving Wiesbaden, the A 66 crosses over into B42. This national route is directly leading to Koblenz and on its run along the river Rhine you are passing
Geisenheim. There are road signs "FH Wiesbaden" and "Forschungsanstalt
Geisenheim" indicating where the Campus Geisenheim is situated.

The Campus Geisenheim
Coming via B42 from Wiesbaden, please take the last exit Geisenheim-West. There you will find signs indicating "Fachhochschule".

When reaching the roundabout, please take the first exit into direction "Rüdesheimer Straße"
on its run you will automatically pass the castle MONREPOS on the right hand side. You follow the course of the main street turning left and you pass your way beneath a railway bridge as wellas a narrow bridge in the subsequent.

At the next crossing you are turning right into Falterstrasse, here you just turn right into the big parking place of Campus Geisenheim.

The most events of the Campus Geisenheim GmbH are taking place in the new Campus building (building equipped with a library and mensa). Each respective event room is specified within the general description of every single event.    

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